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If you are buying print you know there are quick shops, online shops, fancy shops and hundreds of options in between. Color Express offers you quality, fast turnaround, and economical pricing, but they all say that so what makes Color Express different? What makes us the trendsetter in the short-to-medium run color market? Read on.

The seeds for Color Express were planted more than 3 decades ago when the constant demand for affordable, short run quality printing was virtually unachievable. Large shops, even if they had the equipment to run a "short run" job, were not willing to pass on an appealing price to their customers because of burdensome overhead charges.

Welcome, Color Express.
Our first seeds started blooming in Minneapolis, MN in 1983. Located in a highly visible, heavily traveled design and advertising center, Color Express installed its first Heidelberg 4-color GTO press and published a price list. Marketing efforts and word-of-mouth advertising spread, creating the need for 24-hour a day press operation in that small shop. The steady growth of Color Express continued as did the belief in affordable 4-color printing that matched--or exceeded-- the quality that was being produced in the larger print shops.


Over the years technology has given us even more options to keep you competitive in the short to medium run markets. From offset to digital offset to full digital presses we have been there for you. Today we offer both offset and digital press options for you. Along with this we have large format capabilities for your sign and banner needs. ​

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
Service-oriented companies seem to make so many promises and use so many "buzz" words, it's sometimes difficult to really know what is being promised and how genuine that promise is. What does a company really mean when it says it is "committed to satisfying the customer"? At Color Express, no matter what we say about our commitment to service, it is by our actions that our commitment is truly measured.

Our economical pricing is only part of our goal of customer satisfaction. Our staff, from those that greet you to those that print, trim and box your job, are dedicated to giving you the highest quality, as quickly as you need it. To do this, we invite your comments, criticisms, praise and suggestions by asking you to complete and return the How Are We Doing? mailing sent out annually. We truly want to know that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations.

Our commitment to the highest quality printing is clear in our promotional literature and samples. Give us your highest quality, most closely inspected work - we believe you'll be pleased. Don't be misled by our promise of quick turnaround and low prices: quality does not suffer at Color Express just because you've gotten a great deal!!

How can we promise the highest quality? Simply, because each job that is produced at Color Express is run individually, not ganged, on our presses. Quite often prospective customers assume that pricing and turnaround can only be accomplished by having their job run simultaneously with a few others to get the most profitability out of a press run. Not true at Color Express. Our press operators are dedicated to matching color to proofs and art work on your job alone. All jobs are run individually - and given individual attention. This fact is very important to consider when comparing Color Express to another printer.

Premium quality is also delivered because of our investment in the very best equipment. We provide precision registration, color control and quality on the Heidelberg 4-color GTO presses installed at each of our locations. Just because our prices are competitive doesn't mean your work is being run on second-rate equipment.

How Do We Do This?
Color Express has carved out the niche: we saw the need for high quality, short-to-medium run printing more than 3 decades ago and have the advantage of many years of experience to perfect our process. Our customers keep coming back because of our streamlined service; 4 color process printing short - to - medium runs, consistent pricing, and quick delivery.

We welcome soon - to - be and existing customers to give us a call. Find out for yourself just how we are able to do what we say we will do. We are dedicated to providing you the very best 4- color printing. On your next project, choose Color Express.